おおきに! welcome to ookini shouten!

Our idea

We want to create a city where everyone says
“Ookini (thank you)!” to one another.

Ookini! This is Uematsu of Ookini Shouten.

We are working hard to provide services that make people smile, with a focus on Osaka. We want to make Osaka a city where everyone says “Ookini” to one another. We believe that if we can create deep connections between people in this city, it will lead to an increase in the value and appeal of not only Osaka but also the entire Kansai region.
That way, the number of people who want to visit and live in the Kansai region will grow, making for an even more vibrant city. We aim to contribute to this idea.

We at Ookini Shouten wish to begin by offering our own “Ookini!” to all of our customers.

Come hang out at Ookini!

Ookini Coffee

We began our mobile sale of coffee out of the desire to engage and connect with people on a daily basis. Thanks to our customers’ loyalty, we are invited to a variety of events, delivering our own “Ookini!” to various areas. We have also opened a store. Please feel free to stop by anytime.

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Ookini Hotels

Ookini isn’t just for the Kansai region. We provide high quality accommodations to people visiting from all over Japan as well as all over the world. We work to make connections so that our guests want to visit the Kansai region again. Guests from the Kansai region are, of course, always welcome too.

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Ookini Kaigishitsu

As well as acting as a space for company meetings, we hope these rooms can be used for a variety of purposes, acting as spaces for taking on new challenges. We offer these rooms at reasonable prices with flexibility to make them available to individuals and students as well.

Ookini Koumuten

Based across the whole Kansai region. Although we are a small construction contractor, our merit is how our strong connections with craftsmen allow for heartfelt work on our projects. We respond to all customer needs, including those from apartment building owners, real estate companies, and individual customers. Please feel free to contact us.

Ookini Gyouseishoshi

We receive numerous consultations regarding real estate as well as those from persons from different countries. We work together with the group to handle a wide variety of cases. We also take on cases involving small concerns from our customers’ daily lives. We offer the first consultation free of charge, so please feel free to contact us.


We have opened an “Ookini Parking Lot” right in the middle of Osaka!
We are currently expanding in several places around Osaka so that customers can feel “Ookini” close by.
If you see an “Ookini Parking Lot” sign, please make sure to park there.


OOKINI Building Corporation nurtures diverse spaces by giving them added value. To enrich people’s endeavors, we identify the value of the property, with an accumulation of small ideas and bold concepts, and add more value to it.


“Ookini Arena Maishima,” home arena of the B.League pro-basketball team Osaka Evessa. We think that if the word “Ookini” spreads, smiles will come to people’s faces naturally and that will lead to the increased value and appeal of the Kansai region so we named the arena “Ookini.”


We accept orders for clean-ups of various kinds, from the collection of unwanted items such as furniture and household goods, to estate sales, insolvency clear-outs, removal of abandoned items and removal of illegally parked bicycles. With our motto of “considerate and careful,” we will help solve any problem regarding unwanted items. Contact us for a consultation!


Make your holiday even more enjoyable with OOKINI! OOKINI will make your trip amazing! OOKINI!
Our highly knowledgeable staff will help you enjoy a wonderful holiday!Whether it is your first visit to Kansai or you are making a return visit, OOKINI will propose the perfect itinerary for you.

OOKINI entertainment

Just thinking that “I want to be like that person” doesn’t put anything in motion.
At Ookini Entertainment, we are here to help you achieve your “dream.”
Your happiness gives happiness to others. Let’s start something amazing, smiles create smiles!

The Ookini Group is active across the entire Kansai region, with a focus on Osaka.
With each project we work on, we aim to perfect every detail to satisfy our customers.
Please feel free to contact us!

Please feel free to contact us
with any questions or concerns!

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Company overview

Company name: Ookini Shouten Co., Ltd.

Address: Ookini Midosuji Kawaramachi Building
4-4-7 Kawara-machi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 541-0048

President & CEO: Toshiyuki Uematsu

Capital: JPY 92 million

Date established: July 3, 2014

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